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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 5, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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holy $@#%$" right now... thee video of the crane that collapsed in new york city. at least one person is dead. we're working to confirm some new information. we hope to have that straight ahead. and right now... developing news... a woman who hit an 11-year old girl... and took off.. is back on the run tonight. good evening i'm frankie jupiter. it happened at winfield and glenway in west price hill... let's get right to fox19 now's mike schell live at the hamilton county justice center - mike what do we know? schell remote the woman accused of hitting the young girl with her car was a no show
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morning here at the justice center.. meanwhile... a west price hill girl is pretty shaken up today after this tramatic experience she's been through.. london smith is on the mend tonight. 1london "i still have pain and i have my leg, my teeth my hand and my eye." 3london "i don't remember when i got hit by the car. only when i got in the ambulance." london says she was very scared after she realized what had happened she found it hard to hold back her emotions.. she was walking home from school at the time and after the accident happened..her brother rushed home to tell their mom. rebecca thomas frantically arrived at her daughter's side and found her little girl lying in the street. 3rebecca "when i seen her laying there with no shoes on, i thought she was dead. i thought she was dead and i just started screaming." 4rebecca "she was edit laying there with blood coming out of her mouth and she couldn't move." this is the woman who police say struck london...36- year-old ruby
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criminal past and is leaving the scene after allegedly hitting the little girl... "like it don't matter what left her for dead." arrested shortly accident...she was jail..but failed to show up for court appearance this morning... london's mom is trying to understand estepp's reasoning... "man she don't have no could you do that? that kids. anybody. some body in your family." london is trying to stay positive while and she says the outpouring of support from her classmates is a big help 2london "i think that they were not happy but they were praying for me.praying that i get better" schell remote london's mom wanted to put out a message to the woman accused of hitting her daughter.. she says ruby estepp should take turn herself over reporting live mike schell fox19 now right now... a shocker for university of
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the men's team will not play in the fox19 now's jeremy this developing story... jeremy... this is one of those where like me, you're sitting at your desk around and you see on twitter... louisville is self- imposing a postseason ban, for this season. it's developing now... because it feels like more can come out of this. rick pitino himself called this a shock today. louisville won't play in the conference tournament, or the ncaa tournament, a penalty they self-imposed while the ncaa is investigating allegations against louisville, for reportedly paying escorts to help recruit basketball players. coach pitino is a guy, who doesn't eat on game days, he's that intense, so you know he took this hard. rick pitino: "i've had my share of crying and didn't want to go through it anymore. this is certainly a night of extreme pain. last night especially. speaking to the team and watching my players cry and hug each other, damion and trey, it was pretty
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jeremy damion lee and trey lewis on the only two seniors on this roster. they now have just 4 home games left in their college career, starting tomorrow at noon. again... this case is not closed. further sanctions could come down from the ncaa. frankie? we just got new information on a giant crane collapse that happened in new york city today. authorities now say the man killed in the incident was walking on the sidewalk, not sitting in his car as first reported. we just got in this cell phone video of the scene right after it happened. officials say the crane came down as workers were lowering an extended boom amid 20 mile per hour. several people are hurt but incredibly only that one person is dead. witness "i heard a huge noise, and it just like went sideways, we didn't actually see anything, yes of course you can
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the most dramatic footage of this may have been taken by some construction workers looking through a nearby building. we're gonna play 45 seconds of it for you right now. "we're on the 30th floor now. and the crane's starting to move again. it's almost even with us. there he goes he's moving fast now. he's dropping it really quick.. whoa.. it looks like it's gonna fall. holy #$%#6 it's falling. oh it broke.. boom... holy #%#. holy ##. the thing crashed. zoomed in. holy cow. i watching that thing fall over! after watching that.. it is amazing
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weren't killed. columbia parkway is back open at this hour after crews spent the day cleaning up a mudslide. all lanes of the parkway from baines street to torrence parkway were closed starting at 9 a-m. the city says they removed 1- thousand tons of earth from the hillside. it is a common phrase... said way too often in the tri-state. "i'm never gonna see my sister again" now a new report is out about why there may be so many heroin overdoses here. that story is straight ahead. and a downtown store that caters to the l-g-b-t community was just doors. the criminal investigation next. jeff cam 4 you're watching fox19 now at 6:30 in high definition, sponsored by performance toyota: always home of the
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a judge has now
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ordered an adult store in downtown cincinnati to shut its doors for the next year. according to cincinnati police, an undercover investigation into the pink pyramid here on race street back in 2013 found that the store had been selling synthetic marijuana and "poppers." despite pleading guilty and agreeing to stop selling the products, c-p-d says it found that several months later the store was once again selling the illegal products. the owner was charged with a felony. tonight state leaders are hailing a series of cincinnati charter schools. ohio auditor dave yost, state senator peggy lehner and state representative andrew brenner met with leaders of the carpe diem - aiken campus this morning. during the visit, they took a tour of the campus and discussed the school's success and its unique
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auditor yost was just in the headlines yesterday... announcing he's doing a special audit of the metropolitan sewer district. "i'm guessing it's going to take us maybe 9 months to 12 months to complete because it's going to be a deep dive. and we will report back publically what we find." the investigation will focus on competitive bid practices, contracts, payments and more... after a cincinnati enquirer report came out showing that m-s-d spent $680-million dollars of public money with little to no oversight. "a startling new report about this. and what it's laced with. that's killing people in our community. the story straight ahead." roof cam and as we look live... good news for the weekend.. but snow after that? your 7 day
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tonight that no charges will be filed after a homeowner shot intruders tuesday evening. owner said that two people on warren street, and that she shot them because she felt she was in danger. turns out one of those intruders, michael miller, was a previous tenant who says he was only returning to get some belongings. attorney rob sanders says this case is not prosecutable due to the differing accounts. a local mother appeared in court today after allegedly doing heroin in a car.... while her child was asleep in the back seat! 25-year old crystall hall was arrest following the incident thursday in price hill. a study just released today shows that a frightening number of heroin overdoses in our area are connected to something called "fentanyl." fox19 now's gordon graham has that part of the story.
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heroin and this syringe were recently confiscated by newtown police....instrument s of drug abuse that police are finding more often and what they're also finding more often is that this drug is being laced with fentanyl which can have deadly consequences. because fentanyl is a powerful pain killer about 100 times more powerful than pure heroin. tom----when you talk to the users what's interesting is that they know it's dangerous. they know that if they use that product with the fentanyl in it that they could die from it. statistics from the hamilton county health department show that fentanyl was detected in more than 60 percent of the heroin overdoses in 2014 and 30 percent of the overdose deaths. this hamilton county map pinpoints just where those overdoses are happening which helps police crack down on the dealers. but angie staggie, whose daughter, katie, struggled with heroin for years says fentanyl is actually preferred by many addicts. angie-----the fentanyl makes a bigger high so they're going to want to use it because they're chasing that high. but there's a problem with how much fentanyl drug dealers are mixing with the heroin.
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someone buys heroin how much fentanyl is in there. and when someone overdoses with fentanyl laced heroin narcan may not always revive them. tom----narcan will stop the heroin overdose, but it doesn't stop the fentanyl. it was a big worry for katie's sister, elizabeth wilking. elizabeth-----i'm never going to see they're going to knock on mom's door and mom is screaming and crying one day and it's over. katie, who didn't camera, much to the relief of her family. angie-----we have to beef up the rehabs and the places for these people to go when they want to get clean. close----police and public health officials say the heroin epidemic has to be attacked from multiple directions in order to make a real difference. in newtown i'm gordon graham fox19 now. if you or someone you know is struggling, there is help. you can find a complete list of help-lines, treatment centers and counseling resources on fox19 now dot com. more than 3
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are at risk for sex trafficking. of those at risk. more than one thousand are trafficked into the sex trade each year. today, "end slavery cincinnati" held its 2016 human trafficking conference at the american red cross as part of a regional human trafficking conference series. "it's an issue that as more and more people are learning about how to identify human trafficking and what victimization looks like more referrals and we are learning about more and more different going on in our communities." the conference today focused on the many aspects trafficking is to addressing the legal barriers survivors may face. the montgomery swim club is now slated to become a neighborhood... montgomery city council unanimously zoning change and development plans. this will allow camden homes to build 29 luxury homes on the property on orchard club drive. final site plans still need to be approved by the
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commission. time to check in with meteorologist jeff creighton... tracking your forecast jeff weather
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a cleveland woman is trying to figure out what's next... after a sex offender stole her name and identity... commiting a litany of crimes in her name! hear the latest on the bizarre story tonight. and police in warren county say this sight... is all too common. hear how they're using cash to fight the heroin epidemic tonight. and tonight on fox... check out new episodes of sleepy hollow at 8, followed by second chance at 9. then we're right back here at 10. let's check in with fox19 now's jeremy rauch... jeremy an old friend is coming back... jer live a man they called sweet lou is coming
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hear from a local basketball coach on his memories of lou, next.
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leaguer has been suspended 80 games.
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positive for taking performance enhancing drugs. the suspension is in effect at the start of this season. from bad news, to some happy news, the last manager to bring a world championship to cincinnati, the reds. lou piniella, sweet lou, will join the reds as a consultant. advisor to baseball operations. he will join the team at spring training. now xavier's chris mack met the media as big a reds fan as you'll find, some sweet lou memories. chris mack: "obviously wire to wire was incredible. i remember him throwing the first base down the line and getting thrown out, but it seemed like he was a 180 from what they would call a players' coach." jer hplaz gfx don't forget the final quarter is at 10-45... i will be scott, highlands and newport tonight. the news doesn't stop when we go off the air. here's what's
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media right now... you might have seen it on facebook or twitter... uber brings puppies to different workplaces! that includes fox 19 now of course. see the ones that stopped by our studio! and we've got a special mardis-gras edition of the cincinnati weekend. see some of the big parties happening around the tri- state. and butler county sheriff richard jones shows his dance moves in a brand new video. you gotta see it. you can find all those stories live right now... on fox19 now dot com. a sign in north carolina is making a super bowl prediction... drivers have been social media of this... a road sign that says "denver- course referring to panthers quarterback cam newton. but there was another sign that read newton 20... denver 7! think? frankie we will see you tonight at ten.... don't forget wheel of fortune and jeopardy are next!!! announcer: fox19 now
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go. log on to and download the fox19 now app. defense secretary ashton carter's decision late last open all jobs to women in the military was thought to be....a move toward true gender equality. now...the question is...should we go one step further? the selective service requires virtually all men between the ages of 18 and 26....even non-citizen residents like be registered....most within 30 days of their 18th birthday. women are entirely exempt. now, the top officers in the army and marine corps testified before congress...that it's time for women to register for the draft. consider this...women can't have it both ways.
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makes sense to take this next step. as much as it pains me to think of any of our young people being sent into harm's way, or being compelled into military service, it comes down to a simple correlation greater opportunity equals greater responsibility. since women are no longer barred from combat roles, the 1981 decision which excluded them from the draft is no longer valid. with our current volunteer military, it doesn't mean men or women have to join, it just means that if we face a future emergency, everyone has an equal stake in defending our freedoms. jeff a slight warm up for the weekend, then temps take a nose dive.
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